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Mid-afternoon on Sunday, 24th February, the intrepid trio took to the stage before an audience whose numbers included competition judges Phil Doleman and Tricity Vogue.  The Hearts had bravely (foolishly?) chosen to perform a song that nobody in the audience would have heard, a Colin Webb original called ‘The Puzzle of Love’.  Presenting a new song in a competitive environment is risky, because audiences tend to relate better to familiar material.  However, the gamble paid off, because the judges loved the song and awarded Hearts of Uke nineteen points out of a possible twenty to win first place ahead of strong competition.

After the performance, judge Phil Doleman told a very proud Lylee…

“First of all it was not only an original song, but a really good one at that. The arrangement worked well, not only with it having a bass line, but the fact that the two ukes were doing different things. You sounded like a 'band', rather than a 'uke group'. Performance-wise, not only do you have a great voice, but you weren't reading the words so you were able to properly 'perform' the song, and you all had a great 'groove', which for me is really, really important- it's not just solid timing (which you had) but a rhythm that made you tap your foot, that drove the song along.”

Part of the winning performance was captured for posterity on video. (Thanks Bob Eggington).  You can hear a full version of the song recorded at the band’s practice the following day by clicking here.



Breaking news....         

Sadly, not much news to report due to the Covid-19 lockdown.  We can’t get together to practice and, of course, all gigs have been cancelled. We’ve not been completely idle though; we’re attempting to create music by recording our parts individually and subsequently mixing them together.  

It’s no substitute for playing in the same room at the same time, but it’s the best we can do for now.

Until these Frankenstein creations are ready, we hope you’ll enjoy a song about these strange times that Lylee has written and recorded during her self-isolation.

20 April 2020 26 February 2020

Hearts of Uke win the open mic competition at the Big House in the North Ukulele Variety Weekend.

01 June 2020

We’re back!

Strictly observing social distancing and hygiene regulations, we gathered in Lylee’s garden this afternoon for our first practice since Covid-19 interrupted proceedings.  We were a bit rusty at first, but soon got back into the swing of things and managed to play some new songs that Colin had written during the lockdown.  

(The Frankenstein creations mentioned below never quite came together and there should be no need for them now, unless the virus kicks off again. Fingers crossed!)   

08 June 2020

Another al fresco practice, with good progress on Colin’s three new songs.

A Whole Mess Of Blues, Another Spring and The Devil Made Me Do It are coming along nicely and will be ready for performance at our next gig (whenever that may be).

Don’t be fooled by the expressions of stern seriousness; our rehearsals are jolly, happy occasions with lots of laughter.  Honestly.