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Here are a few songs from our recent practice sessions.

Line Drawn in the Sand

© Colin Webb 2020

Black Magic Woman

In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company

Going to California

Stormy Weather

The Puzzle of Love

© Colin Webb 2020

You Can’t Do That

Another Time

 Times Like These

(recorded outside under

social distancing rules.)

The Devil Made Me Do It
© Colin Webb 2020
(another outdoor practice)

A Whole Mess Of Blues
© Colin Webb 2020

(still al fresco, dodging the raindrops)

Another Spring

© Colin Webb 2020

(the last of the trio of new songs, complete with wind-blown traffic
noise from the M6!)

Taking Control

A song from 1980 about coercive control.  Ahead of its time?  In very poor taste?  You can decide.


It was originally recorded and performed by The Never Never Band, who had a strong local following in Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire in the late 70s and early 80s