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Line Drawn in the Sand

© Colin Webb 2020

Black Magic Woman

In Hell I’ll Be In Good Company

Going to California

Stormy Weather

The Puzzle of Love

© Colin Webb 2020

You Can’t Do That

Another Time

From those innocent pre-Covid days,  indoors in Lylee’s conservatory From socially distant pandemic-era  sessions, outside in Lylee’s garden

Times Like These

The Devil Made Me Do It
© Colin Webb 2020

A Whole Mess Of Blues
© Colin Webb 2020

Another Spring

© Colin Webb 2020

(the last of the trio of new songs, complete with wind-blown traffic noise from the nearby M6!)

Taking Control

A song from 1980 about coercive control. Ahead of its time?  In very poor taste?

You can decide!  (It was originally recorded and performed by The Never Never Band, who had a strong local following in Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire in the late 70s and early 80s.)


Lylee has to sing some frighteningly high notes in this one.  She did it without a safety net!

The Sound of Silence

Still working on those harmonies, but it’s getting better.

Wild World

Our version of the Cat Stevens hit.

Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby
Only the second time we’d played this song, so it’s far from a perfect rendition. The second lockdown and the winter weather means that we won’t have a chance to play together again for several months, so this flawed version will have to do for now.

You’re So Vain

Never Too Late
© Colin Webb 2021

Written In My Heart
© Colin Webb 2021

Another Time

Here’s a selection of audio files.  The conservatory and garden sessions are rough and ready rehearsal recordings; the isolation collaborations a little more polished.

New conservatory recordings from  a practice on 1st November 2021

My Baby Just Cares For Me

Baker Street